LuckyBay Props - Felted photoprops

Hello and warmly welcome to my little felted world of photoprops.
My name is Ania (Ann), owner of small bussines based in Poland.

   I’ve been crafting,drawing, embroidering, sewing, crocheting and knitting since I remember – from my earliest childchood. Everything begans beacause of my grandma and my mummy. In their presence I take my first steps in handicraft.

    At the end of 2018 I decided to show my passion creating my small brand called LuckyBay Handmade, which changed into LuckyBay Props. At the begining it was mostly felt food, then on about 2020 I started with needle felting.

   My love to wool, needles, so many beatifull colours and so many possibilities to create shapes, shadings, mixing colours like a paints – just won. And in this way my brand changed into LuckyBay Props.

   I’m so gratefull that among others because of you – my customers and support of my family my passion become my full time work.
Thanks to your trust and orders I can constantly experiment and improve my needle felting and as well learning from you – my photographers – taking better pictures of my creations.             
 I’m so pleased that my little felted animals are good helpers during your photosessions and with them you are capturing beautiful moments of earliest days your little clients.

    If you are looking for something special what you cannot find in my shop please write to me private message with details. I’d love to create something unique for you.

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